We pulled up into Victoria Falls yesterday. Immediately we went to book all sorts of adventure activities. Today I’ve gone absailing, flying across a gorge, and free falling on a gorge swing. Tomorrow we’re going white water rafting all day, which should be a blast! We’re doing all these activities on the Zambia side of the falls which means we can actually pay with credit cards. I should have brought a little bit more US cash with me, but I’m stretching it out…barely.

Wandering around the town is really interesting. The town is technically in a national park, so there is wildlife wandering the streets. In just the first five hours of wandering around, I’ve seen warthog, buffalo, and baboon. One night we were even awakened in our campground by an elephant tearing up trees right next to us!

The first night of being here, I’d even eaten warthog and buffalo. We went out to an amazing meat restaurant last night called “Bomas” (Shona for feast) where we stuffed ourselves full of game meat. I tried worms, impala, buffalo, eland, warthog and ostrich. The warthog was absolutely amazing! It just melted in your mouth, and I could have gone on eating it all night.

The second night was dedicated to a “booze cruise” down the Zambezi river. Basically it’s one of those things that the tour companies throw at you to entice you to sign up for all the adventure activities with their particular company. I’d been moderating my drinking for just about all of this trip, but it went out the window this night! The booze was free and strong. The cruise itself was fun, as we motored around the upper area of the river before it plunges down the falls. We saw quite a few crocs in the river, and even a hippo or two.

We spent the next day rafting thru the best whitewater I’veĀ ever been on. It was all class 5 whitewater, except for one portion that was technically a class six, so we carried the rafts past it. I had one of the worst hangovers of my life during the day, but being out on a river seems to be nature’s perfect cure. The last day there I took a microlight flight over the falls and got to see elephants, crocs and hippos from the air.




The truck is about to get a lot less crowded…six of our members are getting off here, which means we’re dropping down to 16. It’ll be nice to have some more room, but we’re going to miss those leaving.





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