After leaving Easter Island, James and I headed to the Atacama desert to take a more unconventional path into Bolivia. We caught a quick flight and bus to a town called San Pedro de Atacama. This is a pretty small little town that’s a hub for backpackers with not much more than cheap hotels and travel agencies. We booked ourselves on a three day trip to the Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia that would take us through some of the deserts, lakes, and volcanic areas of southern Bolivia.The trip didn’t start till the next day, so James and I took an evening trip out to an area called the Valley of the Moon. This is a surreal desert area where the sandstone has been scoured by the wind over millions of years into just incredibly weird and beautiful shapes. There were gullies and caverns that had been dug out of the canyon floors that we spent several hours wandering around and exploring.  At the end of the evening, we climbed a large sand dune with somewhere near a couple of hundred other tourists and watched  a magnificent sunset over the extinct Lincancabur volcano.


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