Our arrival in Sucre on a Saturday turned out to be very serendipitous, as it allowed us to take a short bus ride over to the weekly Sunday market in Tarabuco.  Up until recently, this was a very traditional weekly market for the locals to come and do their normal shopping.  In the past few years however, the tourist industry (yeah, myself included) has discovered that this is one of the better places to see the colorful native dress, so the market has changed its character from strictly local food and goods to about 2/3 tourist trinkets.

The original locals aren’t very pleased with this arrangement, and I can’t blame them.  In addition to having to deal with higher prices, they’ve become very defensive about having photographs taken of them.  Street photography of strangers is always an ethically grey area, but these folks have made no doubt about their hatred of it.  For a few bolivianos they’re happy to pose, but if they catch someone sneaking a photo without payment, it wasn’t unusual to see a few rocks being hurled at the offending gringo and his equipment.


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