Due to it’s remote location, the South Pole has always held a special place in the hearts and minds of the world’s press corps. Whether it’s John Ashcroft saving us from nasty Romanians, a doctor saving a meteorologist’s ability to walk, or Art Bell exposing the secret nuclear testing we’re doing down here, we tend to get more than our fair share of ink. Hell, I’ve even been on the front page of the Baltimore Sun because of being down here. However it’s rare that we ever get mentioned in such lofty publications as Modern Drunkard magazine. The August 2004 issue features a rather revealing article with local pundit F. Scott Robert, Antarctic hero of the common working man. If you’re not familiar with Mr. Robert’s work, I highly recommend picking up a copy of his book “Big Dead Place” on Amazon or other places where disreputable publications are sold.

In other news, another weekend has gone by, and the sky is continuing to get lighter by the day. Lately it’s been a little surreal because the weather has been so stormy. We’ll get a week of increasingly bright skies, then a storm will blow thru for a few days darkening the sky, then it’ll fade away to reveal a huge jump in the illumination outside. Very cool! It’s finally gotten light enough that there is only one star visible (Sirius if you’re an astronomy geek), and the auroras are just a memory. We also were finally able to take the window coverings out of the galley so it doesn’t feel like we’re living in such a cave anymore.

This was one of our fairly rare two day weekends, and we had the 2nd hash of the season. We had planed on making this a long outside style hike, but due to 20 knot winds we changed the trail at the last minute and ran all thru the station, making lots of noise, and really annoying a few of the quieter types. We felt a little bad, but after consuming a few beers, we got over it. We also had an exciting Saturday evening where we started out with a bingo game in which I won absolutely nothing…bummer…first time that’s happened all year! After that we had an acoustical jam in the bar where we all got drunk and sang old Beatles songs.

I’m still not quite sure when my departure date is. I’d thought I would be out of here by Nov 1st, but I just got news that my relief might be a little late getting down here. He’s on a station that’s only reachable by icebreaker, and apparently the ship has just developed a leak serious enough to require dry dock repairs. They’re headed to a port on the way, so it won’t be a huge delay, but even a week is a big deal right now. I’ve been told that the worst case scenario (excluding weather delays) is Nov 8th

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Henry has spent three winters living in Antarctica which funded his early explorations and adventures around the world. Now he holds down a full time job in Denver, CO and continues to make travel a priority in his life, both internationally, and on weekend warrior type trips.

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