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I think Paris may have been my favorite place that we visited during this trip.  Everything was amazing, from the food, to the wine, the art and even the people.  We’d expected to be treated rudely, but thankfully this stereotype proved to be quite false.  We arrived on the afternoon train from Amsterdam, and immediately got lost trying to find our hostel.  Luckily a smartly dressed elderly lady walking her dog was able to help us, with her speaking bad English, and Syd speaking bad French.  We’d arrived on a Sunday, and quickly realized that after 7pm it was going to be tough to find a place to eat.  Luckily we found a little bistro that didn’t mind staying open a little longer, and had one of the best first meals I’ve ever had in a country.

The next day we started out doing the typical tourist stuff…the Louve, the Eiffel tower, Notre Dame, the riverwalk.  Once again, nighttime proved to be when Paris was at its best, as we bar hopped from place to place snacking and drinking excellent French wine.

The next day I wanted to go explore the catacombs.  Paris is literally built upon the bones if its former citizens.  There are tours where you can be guided underneath the city and see the tunnels and final resting places of people long gone.  Some of the bones are stacked neatly, and others are arranged in decorative piles.  Finally we ended up going to the cemetary Piere Lachaise and walked around looking for graves of famous people.  The most interesting was Jim Morrison’s, just because it was the only one that has a permanent police officer there to keep people from vandalizing the place.





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