Today is our last day in Swakopmund, Namibia. It’s a cool little German style town right on the beach. There is a current coming straight from Antarctica, so it’s water about 17 degrees. Too cold for swimming, but great for offshore fishing. 5 of us went out this morning, and spent the day angling for snook. We caught tons of fish, and would have had more, except we had to fight the local seal population for them. The seals would hide underwater, and after we’d hooked the fish before we could pull them in, they would attack the fish while it was still on our lines. We lost about 25% of our catch that way, but it was fun to watch the way they stalked their prey.

While we were there, I also got the chance to go sand boarding and quad biking. Namibia has huge red sand dunes and tour companies are all about selling you the opportunity to play on them. These were so much cheaper than the other stuff we’ve been doing, and a hell of a lot of fun.

On our way out of town we stopped by a seal colony at a town called Cape Cross. You wouldn’t believe the stink that these guys make! I’d seen seals in both Antarctica and Australia, but nothing in these quantities.

Finally we spent an afternoon at Fish River Canyon. This is the grand canyon of Africa, and while it isn’t as big as the real one in Arizona, it’s still pretty impressive. There are only 8 more days on the trip, and if you want to send me well wishes, I turn 30 on the 13th. I’m going to be old!

Fish River Canyon

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