Well, the last few days in Mongolia were amazing. Monday and Tuesday I spent exploring the museums I’d never gotten a chance to visit. Mongolia won again when I was at the National history museum. Gin was giving me a tour and we’d gotten to the last of the Khans when the power went out in the museum leaving us in complete darkness. Luckily the Thai restaurant down the road had power, so the day was saved.

Last Friday was my last time at the Steppe Inne. I never would have thought that an embassy could be so much fun. I’m glad to see that the Brit’s still have a sense of hospitality!

Last night after my final hash, we moved to the local amusement park. Drunken roller coasters are a blast, although I can’t imagine how a place like that stays open. Safety was a joke, but apparently not that many people actually get hurt. Lawsuits would have closed that place down years ago if it was in the states. After that we ended up going clubbing and dancing till the early hours of the morning. Finally there was a sad farewell to Gin, and my flight to Korea. I’m sorry to be leaving such great folks, but I’m really excited about Africa!

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Henry has spent three winters living in Antarctica which funded his early explorations and adventures around the world. Now he holds down a full time job in Denver, CO and continues to make travel a priority in his life, both internationally, and on weekend warrior type trips.

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