Our second day game driving covered the northern areas of Kruger park.  Conditions were better today, and I felt more confident with the new lens.   The initial excitement of being back in Africa was starting to fade, which meant that I could concentrate on good shots instead of just trying to take a snapshot of every animal in sight.   The lighting conditions were significantly improved from the previous day, due to our getting up early to be able to head to the Mozambique border before noon.  The wildlife was pretty decent today, and we even technically spotted a lion feasting on a giraffe that had been killed, but unfortunately it was hidden by way too much brush to have any chance of getting a good photo.

After we finished our morning drive we headed to Mozambique, via the Giriyondo border post inside Kruger itself.  In theory Kruger is just one section of a larger international “Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park”, but unfortunately Mozambique’s section is pretty poor.   As soon as we crossed the border, the road quality dropped a thousand fold, and we didn’t see any further big animals other than the occasional Impala until nearly 10 days later when we returned back into Swaziland.


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  1. Jim Pfaff

    Great shots Henry. Looks like a very interesting trip. Just got back from Manhattan after the Black Hills and I tell you, I would much rather see wildlife and natural beauty then man-made stuff. I’m heading out in a few days for a camping trip in the Saw Tooth mountains (around Boise Idaho) and then it’s back to NY for about a week.



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