Day three on Samui…so far it’s been very relaxing, but I’m a bit hungover from the full moon party last night. The mood of the island is different than the last time I was here. Last time it was mostly backpackers hanging out and being social. This time it seems to be mostly European holidaymakers out to get drunk and shag anything that moves. The “backpacker vibe” is missing, but it’s still an OK time.

Yesterday before the party I went sea kayaking at the marine park. I had done this previously, but I went with a different company this time. They used speedboats instead of large houseboat style craft. I think I prefer the other style, just because you’ve got more space to enjoy the journey out there and back.

Getting to the full moon party was wild. The promoters had sold about 10 times more tickets for transportation than there were spaces on the boats. Luckily for me, most of the people who were in line were British with their inherent need to stand in queues. With my Mongolian training, I just elbowed my way up to the front, and soon found myself waving at all the poor polite suckers who were going to have to argue with their travel agents tomorrow for refunds. The party itself was a lot of fun…hanging out with tons of new folks, watching the fire twirlers, and drinking lots of buckets of Samsung whiskey. It’s not something I’d go out of my way to check out again, but I’m glad I’ve done it once! ┬áDefinitely wish I’d picked up a bottle of snake wine though!

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