The first stop on the Galapagos trip was a small little island just off the coast of Isla Santa Cruz.  It’s not the most spectacular island, but for a group of tourists who are very eager to get their first wildlife experience, it is in just about the perfect location.  After leaving the harbor, it took about 20 minutes of sailing to get there, and then it was off to the beach.

The name literally translates to “Wolf Island”, but our guide kept calling it Sea Lion Island.  Whatever the real translation was, there were plenty of sea lions to be found.  It is also a nesting site for the Blue Footed Booby, and the frigate-bird.  I’m really glad that we stopped here, as this was the only place during the entire week that we’d see Frigate-birds displaying their inflated red pouches.  Apparently we’d just missed prime breeding time, and we were very fortunate to see the last poor rejected males still desperately trying to find a mate.


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