There is no point in a persons life when they are too old to ever take an active vacation.  I’ve been on group trips with members from in their 20s to in their 60s, and by far the ones I’ve enjoyed the most have been the ones with the more mature travelers.   At this point in my life I sometimes find that I don’t want to have to deal with the day to day logistics of arranging my own travel, finding my own hotels, or worrying that I’m going to be mismatched with a group of people who aren’t looking for the same type of experience I am.  When this happens I look to a company to make the arrangements for me.  One company that I’ve found that arranges trips for adventurous boomers is Saga Travel based out of the UK.  If you’re looking for anything from river cruises, an African safari, to a photo adventure in the Galapagos, they’ve got an offering that will appeal.

As a mature traveler myself, my partner and I have realized that that active vacations are a huge part of our lifestyle, and we couldn’t imagine what our life would be without taking at least a couple every year.  Just because we’re a little older doesn’t mean we need to slow down…well, not much anyway!    To help inspire your next trip, here are a few reasons to make your next vacation an active one!

 1.  Active vacations get you off the beaten path.

When you travel on an active vacation, you get to see parts of the world that you can’t see from the window of a tour bus.  No matter how good that bus is, you’ll never get a chance to see someplace as spectacular as the Galapagos islands.  Getting on a small boat and walking around the islands with a qualified guide is the kind of memory that will stay with you forever.

Happy active mature group in the Galapagos.

Active Mature travelers in the Galapagos

2. You meet the most interesting people on an active vacation.

There are some great things that older travelers have in common.  We’ve got  more sophisticated worldviews, better topics of conversation, and a long list of life experiences to share stories from.  There’s nothing more enjoyable after a day of exploration and discovery than sitting around a table and listening and learning from fellow travelers.  I’ve been fortunate enough to break bread with sailors who have crossed the Pacific solo, scientists who have worked in Antarctica, former mountaineers who have been up some of the world’s highest peaks, and entrepreneurs who have spoken about some of the really unique challenges that come with starting up businesses around the planet.

Active mature travelers celebrating.

3.  You don’t have to sacrifice a little luxury to have an active vacation.

As mature travelers, we can afford a bit more luxury and have happily traded hostels and bunk beds for high thread count sheets and an in house masseuse.  Even when we’re traveling in a slightly more unconventional method like cruising in the Galapagos, we appreciate smaller boats with more personal service.  In fact one of my favorite trips in the past few years was with a group of really interesting people of all ages in those very islands.   One of the women on our group was on her second Galapagos trip, and one of the things that she mentioned was how much better it was at this point in her life.  She appreciated the higher quality food, the better service, and the increased amount of time we had to spend exploring the islands.    While the budget backpacker boat she’d been on when she was younger was fun, she said that there is no way you could pay her enough to travel in that style again!

4.  You’ll stay fit on an active vacation

One of my favorite reasons to take an active trip now days is that I’ve found that instead of coming home from vacation with an extra 10 pounds from eating and drinking too much, it’s not uncommon to come home weighing less than when I started!  Just last year myself and a couple of  friends did a walking trip in the French alps near Zermatt.  We walked from village to village, staying at charming hotels, eating what the locals ate, and seeing some of the most beautiful sights I’ve been privileged to see.

5.  You’ll come home with photos that make the kids jealous.

When you go on an active vacation, the photos that you come home with will blow away anything that your millennial kids might put on Instagram.  You’ll have seen and photographed some of the most amazing people, places and animals on the planet.  They’ll tell you about the time where they waited in line for three hours for the hot new brunch spot, and you’ll tell them about the time in Africa where your land rover got charged by a water buffalo.  They’ll never look at you the same again!

Hopefully this has given you a few ideas to setting up your own adventure holiday no matter what your age!  If you’re a boomer, check travel companies that offer trips for older travelers.  I’m confident you’ll find something that will make your holiday adventure dreams come true!

This post has been written in collaboration with Saga Travel.


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Henry has spent three winters living in Antarctica which funded his early explorations and adventures around the world. Now he holds down a full time job in Denver, CO and continues to make travel a priority in his life, both internationally, and on weekend warrior type trips.

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