After about 18 hours in the air, I’ve finally arrived in Christchurch, New Zealand. So far this is an amazing city. The people are friendly, and the food and beer are cheap.
I spent most of the morning at the CDC, which is Antarctic-speak for the clothing distribution center. We were issued all our ECW (Extreme Cold Weather) gear, and given a three hour orientation on how the next two days will be going. As a winter over participant, I got three big bags of clothes, which means that I can get rid of some of my personal clothes I brought over. Raytheon has a place where I can store stuff for the next year in Christchurch, so I’m taking advantage of that. We are allowed to bring 147 pounds of gear with us including our ECW stuff. I’m a little over that amount, so I’m going to take advantage of the free post office here and mail a box of books to myself. We are still officially scheduled to fly out to McMurdo tomorrow morning, but no one really expects that to happen. The program is running about 5 days behind on flights due to mechanical issues with some of the planes. Some of the people I’ve talked to have gotten in the air six times, and had to come back! Hopefully my flight will go better.
Once I arrive in McMurdo, I’ll spend about two weeks there in training, and then it’s on to the South Pole station. Station opening is scheduled for October 22nd, but of course, that is totally dependent on the weather. More details later, and don’t forget that I love hearing from you guys!

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Henry has spent three winters living in Antarctica which funded his early explorations and adventures around the world. Now he holds down a full time job in Denver, CO and continues to make travel a priority in his life, both internationally, and on weekend warrior type trips.

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