So now I’ve finished my official project in Mongolia. That means I’m outta here in 5 days…it’s going to go by quickly. There are a ton of things I have to do between now and then, including sightseeing in all the museums I’ve been putting off. I’ve also got to go to the black market to look for fabric samples for my Mom, and I also need a new pair of shoes.

Hopefully before I leave I’ll be able to squeeze in at least one more hash, and one more visit to the Steppe Inne. I’ve had a blast at both places, and I’m really going to miss them.

I also just went out to Terelj national park one last time with Virgina. We’d been wanting to get out to the countryside together, and this was our last chance. We had a blast racing each other, and our 14 year old guide. He was riding a horse that had taken 2nd place in Naddam a couple of years ago, and still had a lot of spirit to him. We ended up near a private ger camp that focused on dinosaurs as it’s main tourist draw. Coming into the valley that its in from a certain angle can make you think you’re approaching an offshoot of Jurassic Park.


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