About Us

About Henry

I’m a young at heart Generation X’er who discovered a passion for travel in my late 20s.  I work in IT, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have found that even if I’ve got a stereotypically geeky job, I can always find an interesting place to practice my trade.  Through both work and personal travels, I’ve made it to all seven continents and over 60 countries.  I’ve spent over 4 years of my life in Antarctica, and another three years full-time traveling to some really fascinating destinations.  My style of travel is definitely more active; I love trekking far more than I do exploring cities, and some of my most memorable trips have been to high mountain peaks, or jungle destinations.  I also love to SCUBA dive, and chances are that any given trip will have at least one dive on it.  I’m now based in Colorado, and have found that it’s the perfect place to indulge in my love of the outdoors, plus it has a great airport with direct flights to a lot of really fun locations! E-mail me at [email protected]



About Darcie

The year was 1996, when I nervously boarded a plane for my first ever flight and touched down in London for my introduction into the intoxicating world of global travel. Somewhere between Big Ben and Parliament, I went from a girl who had never left Kansas to a girl who dreamed of more plane rides to far-flung places. Fast forward through years in the predictable cycle of office life. One glorious Saturday, I went into the office for a few hours and it dawned on me that I was now a woman in her 30’s who thought a great way to enjoy her day off was to work. Ugh, terrible. So I ordered a pair of good walking shoes (happy feet are traveling feet), dusted off my trusty backpack (that bag understands my need for buying random souvenirs after a few glasses of wine – hello snow globe, I’m looking at you – anyway it gets me and can always expand just a bit more), and went to Croatia (after giving proper vacation notice at work, because I didn’t simultaneously win the lottery and still have bills to pay). Now my passport, long unused, is a fun conversation starter with customs agents around the world about making good haircut choices.

About us

After Darcie and I met last year, solo travel has been replaced by the fun of having an amazing partner to join me for my adventures.  We’ve both made travel and exploration a key part of our lives, and we’re excited to do it together!  Neither of us take ourselves too seriously, and we both value the ability to be silly in our relationship.  We’ve already taken some amazing trips together, and are looking forward to many more, both domestically and overseas.  Stay tuned as we chronicle our adventures.



About the Blog

OldEnoughToKnow.com is the latest incarnation of a travel blog that began in 2000 when I first signed up for a job that required me to spend a year at the South Pole research station in Antarctica.  At the time my plan was to just take the money I’d save during that job and use it to do a single around the world backpack trip and then rejoin “normal” society.  After an amazing year abroad, I decided that the travel bug had bitten me hard, and I was going to make travel a significant part of my life going forward.   Going back to Antarctica for another contract and then traveling for an extended period quickly became a pattern.   The blog migrated from Microsoft Frontpage to WordPress, going through some ugly transitions as web standards matured.  As I traveled, I kept jotting down my thoughts online with friends and family as the primary audience.   Eventually as Facebook became my primary method of keeping in touch, the blog languished, and postings became less and less frequent.  Recently I decided that I missed the journaling aspect of travel, and decided to pick up the blog again.  We don’t want to sell you anything, teach you how to blog, or make money from your clicks.  This is strictly a hobby project, and we hope you find some entertainment  and maybe a bit of inspiration!