My friend April had a training class in San Francisco, and had decided to take a bit of a vacation afterwards.  She invited me to join her for a tour of the Napa valley and Bay areas.  We spent a long weekend driving around, sampling wines, and just having fun.  One of my favorite things was seeing Alcatraz.  The old prison has such a history in popular culture, that I just had to see it in person.  Other fantastic sights were Fishermans Wharf, Russian Hill, and all the other typical tourist spots.  It’s a beautiful city, but surprisingly expensive for something that far north in California!

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  1. emily fontenot

    Hellow , I have a qestion you might not know but I am going to give it a shot . I was in my reading class and we were reading about Alcatraz as we got into the story it talked about the hole . They use to put the men there if they had missed behaved or did something wrong . the book described it like this they said that the men were chaned up to a wall where it was very dark and the men would only get fed bred and water . The book said that some of the men went crazy after they came out of the hole . I was just wondering if their was any pictures of the hole if there is any pictures at all

    I hope you are able to answer my ?


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