Camp Elevation 15351 ft. Ascended 3024 ft. 13.86km distance.

Today was the farthest distance for hiking so far. It was cloudy all day yesterday when we were in camp , so it was quite a surprise to see how close we actually were to the mountain. Our guide said that it was his favorite campsite, because it lets you wake up with “Kili as a pillow.” There has been a group of three girls shadowing our group, and today one of them dropped out due to altitude sickness. It’s the first case we’ve seen so far. I feel sorry for her, but I’m glad its not me that got unlucky!

My notes for today are pretty sparse. Looking back I think the altitude really started to affect my mental energy. There is a note in my journal that states that the altitude feels like really good weed. Since this is a PG journal, I can only assume that that was written by someone other than myself!

We arrived in the last camp before the summit at around 4 in the afternoon. We’ll get an early supper, and then try to get some sleep before being woken up around midnight to make the final push. It’s actually the first campsite that we haven’t gotten any rain at, but it is extremely windy. I just hope it’ll be nice in the morning!

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