So July 1st is Canada day…I never would have thought about it. Sarah, our trip’s resident Canadian, wouldn’t let us forget and treated us to pancakes for dinner. Why pancakes? I have no idea, but I just figure what do you expect from the same people who brought us Anne Murray and Strange Brew. Our campsite tonight had a resident bird who was very protective about his nesting spot, which just happened to be near the only convenient place to use as a toilet. It’s kinda hard to do your business when you’re being dive-bombed! We’ve also got a nearby cow carcass that’s luckily past the stinking stage, but it makes for some interesting speculation about what happened.

Today was mostly a driving day, but we did get to see a couple of interesting sights. One was the “belly button” of Mongolia. Supposedly this particular ovoo marks the geographic center of the country. My GPS disagreed, but who am I to argue with local tradition. The other thing we saw was supposedly a hundred year old tree. Our guide said that he can remember seeing this as a boy when it was completely green and covered with leaves. Today its just a pale shadow of its former self. In fact, the main attraction seemed to be the colony of squirrels who have taken up residence in the root system.

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