I spent three and a half days exploring Byron Bay recently. It’s a small town that lives on it’s counterculture. Wandering the streets at night you pick up a huge smell of incense and pot smoke in the air. It’s got much more than that actually…the people are friendly, the surfing is decent, and there is some surprisingly good diving. I booked a two dive trip to an area called Julien Rocks. At first it seemed disappointing…cold water, lousy visibility, and no coral. Then, I started looking around and noticing the size of some of the critters out there. There were HUGE rays, turtles, Wollongong sharks, and other big fish. It wasn’t the best diving I’ve ever done, but it was in my top 10 dives.

Anyway I’m in Sydney now, killing time for Mom to arrive in the morning. I’ve decided that taking the bus in 1st world countries is asking for misery. It’s so much easier to pay a little more and get to your destination 10 times faster, and without the disadvantage of fat smelly people.

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