It’s been a fairly busy month, but you wouldn’t know it from the lack of activity on here! Time this season is just flying by…It really doesn’t seem like I’ve let a month go by without an update.

The most exciting thing recently has been the sky. I’ve never seen such amazing auroras! Even though we’re not in a particulary active part of the sun cycle, the sky is a lot better than I remember it from the last time I was here. I’m not sure if the reason is that the sky is really better, or if I’m just outside more often, so I get to notice it. One big benefit to living in the new station is that I’ve got an opportunity to go outside everytime I go to and from work to my room and the galley. There are two is underground, and I usually take that on windy days. The other is about 50 feet long between the dome’s main entrance and the “beer can” tower to the new station. It’s a little more work just because you’re climbing a huge snow drift, but the rewards of the sky on a good day are well worth it.

We did have an amazing astronomical event the other day…a total eclipse of the moon! It lasted about an hour, and while the sky was a little hazy, it was still nice enough to get some great photos. Lunar eclipses may not be as dramatic as a solar one as far as light levels, but just watching the moon turn blood red, and slowly disappear is still

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