In the three months I’ve been here, I’ve never seen the exterior lights of the palace turned on after dusk.  On the 4th however, the I Corps band played a concert for the base, and the lights were turned on.

This is an HDR image, composed of three images bracketed at 1.3 stops each way from the “correct” exposure.  The longest exposure was 1.5 seconds, and even on a tripod it was a bit blurry.  If  I could do it again, I’d have taken the image from the left side of the bridge where there isn’t nearly as much algae in the water and could have gotten a better reflection.

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  1. Karen Divine

    I am wondering if I could get permission to use your image of the Kangaroos for a children’s book I am illustrating. I never, never use other people’s images, however, I didn’t write the story and “there they are mentioned”. I have never illustrated or published
    a kids book so I know it’s still a long shot for getting it published. I also have never had to ask permission and do not
    know what is involved with all that, certainly credit for the image. Let me know. p.s. I live in Boulder and use to live
    in Crested Butte. Are you still in Iraq?


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